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Ash Through Hand

The Effect
The magician places ashes on the back of a spectator's hand and sweeps it off, when the spectator opens his/her hands, there are ash marks on the palms.
How It's Done
To prepare for this trick you must find some ashes and secretly put them on your left and right pointer fingers. Begin the trick by saying "Hold your hands out like this" and hold both of your hands palm down in front of you. Once the spectator does so, casually grab their hands, so that your thumbs are on top of their hands and your pointer fingers are secretly putting the ash on the spectator's palms. As you do this, tell the spectator to close their hands into fists and to cross their arms. At this point you can make the spectator do different things like moving their fists around, the idea here is to distract the spectator so that the memory of you touching their palm does not get stored. Get some ashes (this should be the first time the spectator finds out ashes are involved in the trick) and put two smudges on the back of the spectators hands (still in fists). Do some more filler task, blow on the ash marks on the back of the spectator's hands and wipe the mark away, tell the spectator to look at their palms.