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Free Card Tricks

Card tricks are probably the most popular type of magic tricks. For most the tricks, all you need is a standard deck. Bicycle decks are a popular choice for card tricks.

Sleight Of Hand
The sleights are the workings behind card tricks, it is what the magician does that the spectator does not notice. You will need to practice these in order to do advanced card tricks.

Forces are ways to make the spectator select the card that you want him to, without the spectator realizing that you wanted him to choose that card. It is very common for a card trick to start with a force.

Revealing A Card
This category is for different ways to reveal a card that you have already located and moved to the top or bottom of the deck (ways to finish a trick). You can combine any force from the list above to any trick finisher from this category to perform a decent card trick.

Self Working Tricks
Self working tricks are card tricks that do not require any sleight of hand; the spectator sees everything that the magician does. Some of these tricks relate to mathematical tricks that most people are unaware of, others are just really simple tricks that will not be that impressive.

Easy Tricks
Easy tricks are those that require a little bit of sleight of hand. The sleight of hand for these tricks is usually quite easy and does not take much practice. These tricks are more impressive than the self working tricks, but not as impressive as tricks that use more difficult sleights.

Medium Tricks
Medium tricks are those that require some of the easier sleight of hands. These tricks can often be very impressive. Many of these tricks are simply a combination of a force from the list above with different clever ways to reveal a card.

Advanced Tricks
Advanced tricks are the most difficult card tricks that require the most difficult sleight of hands. These are the street magic card tricks that you see performed by magicians like David Blane on TV specials and late night shows.

Special Deck Tricks
Special deck tricks are card tricks that require a magic deck. Different types of magic decks include the Svengali Deck, the Stripper Deck, and the Blank Deck.