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The Magic Ring

The Effect
The spectator holds a circular rope on the tips of his fingers with a ring in the middle. Without removing the rope from the spectators fingers, the magician removes the ring.
How It's Done
For this you will want to use a thin rope, such as the hemp used for hemp necklaces. Get a piece about 2 feet long and tie the ends together. Put it around the spectator's pointer finger tips with a ring in the middle. Next hold the back end of the left side of the rope with your left index finger, take your right index finger and wrap the rope to the right of your left index finger around the back of the spectator's finger. If you were to let go with your left hand at this point, the rope would be detached from the spectator's right finger, so now take the bottom part of the rope and wrap it around the spectator's right finger. Grab the ring and let go of the rope you are holding with your left index finger, the ring will come loose and the rope will still be attached to the spectator's fingers.