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Feel The Card

The Effect
The magician claims he can determine a card simply by feelings it's thickness. The spectator points to a card and the magician determines its value simply by bending the card that faces away from the magician.
How It's Done
First try to convince your audience that every card in the deck has a different thickness, and that you can determine a card's value without looking at it, by only feeling the cards thickness. Have the spectator point to any card (face down). Pick up the card in your hand and hold it about one foot in front of your face, so that the card faces the audience. With your right hand, thumb on bottom and pointer finger on top, bend the card at just enough of an angle for you to glimpse the bottom left corner of the card. The audience should not realize that you can see the card's value from the angle you have. Now all that's left is to announce the value of the card, if your audience starts to buy into the idea that you can feel the thickness you can pull this trick off multiple times in a row.