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Sleight Of Hand

Sleights are the workings behind card tricks, it is what the magician does that the spectator does not notice. You will need to practice these in order to do advanced card tricks.

Sleights Of Hand
Double Lift - A card trick sleight used in countless tricks where the magician picks up two cards that appear to be only one. Check out the video.

Glide - The magician appears to remove the bottom card but is actually taking the second to bottom card.

The Pass - A card is moved from the middle to the top of the deck right before the spectator's eyes without notice.

Turnover Pass - A variation of the pass in which the card secretly moves from the middle to the top of the deck while the magician turns the deck over.

Elmsley Count - The magician has a stack of four cards and begins to place the top card on the bottom, one card at a time. It appears as though the magician showed each of the four cards, but the third card is never seen.

Pinky Break - The magician squares the deck so it appears that the spectator's card is lost in the middle, but the card's location is actually being marked by the magicians pinky.

Flesh Break - Similar to the pinky break except that the break is created using flesh on the thumb.

Palm A Card - The magician hides a card in is palm so that it is not visible to the spectator who only sees the back of the magicians hand.

Back Palm - The magician holds a card, flicks his hand and the card disappears, another flick of the hand and the card reappears.