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52 Red Or Black Guesses

The Effect
The magician asks the spectator if he/she thinks a certain card is red or black, and the card is put face down in a black or red pile. After the spectator has guessed the color of all the of cards, the cards in the piles are flipped over, the spectator has correctly guessed the color of every card in the deck.
How It's Done
Start by placing two cards face up on the table, one red and one black, these cards will be the base of the piles and used to keep track of what the spectator has guessed. Next take all of the black cards from the deck, one by one, asking the spectator if he thinks it is red or black, put the card face down in the correlating pile. Once all of the black cards are gone, ask "red or black?" for the first red card. Place the card on the correlating pile. Next tell the spectator that you are going to take a break and see how things are going with the guessing. Flip the top card from each pile. There are two possibilities at this point.

Spectator says "Black": The black pile will have a black card on top, and the red pile will have a red card on top. Tell the spectator "You are doing very well, let's make it a little more difficult by changing which pile we put red and black cards on". As you say this swap the two face up cards.

Spectator says "Black": The black pile will have a red card on top and the red pile will have a red card on top. Tell the spectator "Looks like you aren’t doing very well, perhaps you would do better if we change which pile we put the red and blacks". As you do this swap the two face up cards.

Now you do the same thing with all of the red cards, having the spectator guess the color, and putting them in their new piles. Once all the cards have been guessed, tell the spectator to look at the pile which was originally black (changed to red halfway though). The spectator will flip over the cards and be shocked that they have correctly guessed all of the colors. As the spectator looks at his pile (watch his eyes), pick up the other pile (mention that you will check how the other pile went) and quickly reverse the stack of red cards with the stack of black cards. Next let the spectator see the pile you picked up (that started out as red) and inform him that all of the cards in that pile were correctly guessed as well.