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The Turnover Pass

The Effect
The spectator places a card in the middle of the deck, the magician turns the deck over and magically the card has moved to the top.
How It's Done
Have the spectator select a card, hold half of the deck with your left hand and have the spectator put their card on top. Place the other half of the deck on top of this with your right hand, but keep a pinky break with your left pinky. Slide your left pointer underneath the deck and extend the finger to push the bottom half of the deck into a vertical position, this is hidden by the top portion of the deck. Once you are able to, slide the top portion of the deck over the bottom portion in one turning motion, turn the pack over one more time and the selected card should be at the top.
Tutorial on Youtube
First published in 1897 in New Era Card Tricks by Roterberg.