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Check Your Pockets

The Effect
The magician shows the deck face up and announces that the spectator’s card has disappeared. The magician asks the spectator to check his/her pockets, which contain the selected card.
How It's Done
This trick requires a duplicate card and a little preparation. The first thing you need to do is take one of the duplicate cards and secretly place it into the pocket of the person you are going to show the trick to. If you are into picking pockets, this will be easy, if not it may take a little practice (The back pocket of jeans is a good place to slip a card). An alternative is to simply place the card in the room that you are performing the trick, tapped to the ceiling, for example.

Performing the trick: The other duplicate card should be in your deck, Force this card to the spectator. Next remove the card from the deck; this can be done by bringing the card to the top of the deck and performing The Palm to secretly place it into your pocket. Another way to remove the card is to bring it to the top, perform The Double Lift, and place the top card into your pocket (which the spectator will think is a different card). After the duplicate card is removed, fan the cards face up and announce that the card has disappeared. Tell the spectator to check his/her pockets (or look up if you taped the card to the ceiling).