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Welcome to Magic Tricker, your source for free magic tricks online. Everything on this site is Free and there is nothing to sign up for.

Most Popular Tricks
Double Lift - A card trick sleight used in countless tricks where the magician picks up two cards that appear to be only one. Check out the video.

Two Card Monte - Impressive card trick performed by David Blaine in which two red aces become black queens while in the spectator's fingers.

Ash Through Hand - The magician pushes ash marks from the outside of the spectator's hand to the palm while the spectator's fist is closed.

The French Drop - The magician appears to transfer a coin from one hand to the other, but the coin never changes hands.

The Pass - A method of moving a card from the middle to the top of the deck without the spectator realizing it, used at the beginning of many card tricks.

Magic Ring - The magician removes a ring from a rope that is fixed around the spectator's fingers.